Customize Your XoXo Necklace, Bracelet, Or 2 Piece Set

  • $119.99

14K Gold Plated, All name plates & bracelets in this section come with a xoxo necklace. Choose Any 3D Style & the item type you would like. Choose Any Name Up To 9 Letters, only the first letter will be capitalized. It usually takes 7-10 business days for order to be made & shipped. This is a custom made item & all sales will be final. IMPORTANT! Please Spell the Name you want in the NOTE SECTION of your payment. We offer a FREE Beautiful Gift Box for everyone who orders, SO YOU WILL BE 100% SATISFIED WITH OUR PRODUCTS QUALITY ~ GUARANTEED. 
Extra Product Info
• Single Plated Is 1 Layer That Lays Flat On Your Chest.
• 3D “Double Plated” Is 2 Layers